Wash Care Guidelines

  • We advise you to read the wash care instructions carefully before buying the fabric. In case the textiles are fashioned into a stitched garment or go through any modification like stitching, embroidery, dyeing, printing and more, we will not be accountable for any color bleed. 
  • All Sarees, Unstitched sets, Dupattas, Stoles/Scarves are recommended for Dry clean only. 
  • Fabrics and Products that fall under the cottage and handloom industry carry certain irregularities that only adds to the beauty of the textiles. No standard norms or parameters are followed during the production and hence, we recommend our clients to handle these fabrics with extra care. Kindly go through our wash care guide for more details. 
  • All fabrics and textile products crafted by the artisans and weavers of India are recommended for dry clean only. There are no standard norms for producing such fabrics and we do not have control over the manufacturing process of the same. Since they are made using natural dyes by the seasoned hands of the artisans, some irregularities may occur.  
  • Generally, all non-silk fabrics which are mill dyed/yarn dyed can be home washed in soft detergents. 
  • All piece dyed fabrics that are not mill dyed but bucket dyed are recommended for dry clean only.
Product care

Some fabrics may shed excess colour. Certain ikats and block- printed textiles are prone to excess bleeding. In such cases it is advised that you dry clean the garments using the services of a reputed dry cleaner.

In other cases, wash the clothes carefully by hand.


Sort clothes colour-wise. Wash only similar coloured garments together.


Put a small quantity of mild detergent in a half-filled bucket of cold water. Soak the garment in the soapy solution for five minutes. Do not soak for a longer duration. Pre-soaked garments must be washed immediately.


The soiled areas can be rubbed gently by hand. Do not use a solid bar of soap or a brush. Rinse the garment a few times in cold water to remove the detergent completely.


A final dip in a diluted solution of liquid starch will render a crisp finish to the garment. Do not wring too much.


Drying your clothes under the sun causes colour-fading. Therefore, hang them out to dry in the evenings or in shade. Garments should be hung straight to dry on rust-proof hangers (either plastic or wooden). In case you are unable to dry them straight, you can also flat dry them.


Do not iron directly on block-prints, embroidery, etc. Such clothes should be turned inside out and ironed lightly.


Store garments in a cool, dry, place protected from sunlight. Keep whites and light coloured garments away from the darker coloured ones. Use aromatic sachets to dispel cupboard odours.

Silk And Silk Blends:

Silk and silk blend fabrics must be dry cleaned only. Store carefully in cloth covers with a few scented sachets.